Tips for moving before Christmas

Tips For Moving House before Christmas



Moving in before Christmas essentials

Tips For Moving House before Christmas

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. However, for anyone trying to move house in the month of December, this can make it a very stressful time. Trying to get decorations, gifts, house essentials and pack up your belongings can be a troublesome task  in itself. Here are a few tips to refine the process and enjoy the festive season.


How to move house before Christmas

Try to start packing around two weeks before your move in date. Label the boxes and group your items for particular rooms or cupboards. This makes unpacking a bit less stressful. Packing decorations together can also make it easier to store in the one place. This packing system can also help you declutter and sort out batches of boxes to be taken at the one time. Make sure to be careful when packing your Christmas presents- you could even wrap them before you move to be extra organised.


Moving House before Christmas tips

Losing valuables when moving house is a nightmare for anyone. To avoid this, be sure to put them in a safe keeping box and move these yourself. Christmas presents can go in this bracket as well. Make sure you know what room you are going to put the items in beforehand so you don’t have any confusion as to where you put them.


In the Winter time the weather can be very unpredictable. Bags of grit can be of use for your driveways or lanes to ensure you get home safely. Having an outside light can also make it safer coming into the Winter season.


Changing Address Tips

To get ahead of yourself, you could start filling in your change of address on essential forms. Call in to the post office to make sure your post gets redirected. Be sure to tell family and friends so you can receive their Christmas cards as well.


A good start would be to meet some of your neighbours. They will be experts on the area so you can ask them all sorts of questions. It’s nice to know the little things so that you are prepared for moving in. Knowing when the bins go out, the best local restaurants and activities in the area can be really helpful for settling in.


Moving Home before Christmas Ideas

Make your new house into your home. Putting the tree and tinsel up will help make your house feel warmer, more inviting and homely. The decorations don’t have to be excessive but doing the rooms that everyone spends the most time in such as the living room and kitchen will help to brighten up the atmosphere. Although moving house is challenging, allow yourself to get into the Christmas spirit and spend quality time with your loved ones.