How to Maintain and Light your Stove



How to Light and Maintain your Wood Burning Stove

If you are the owner of a wood burning stove, you will be eager to use it in the Winter months. Here are some of our top tips regarding lighting and maintaining your stove to ensure it is kept in the best condition.


1. Ensure the air vent is completely open

2. Place sticks at a perpendicular angles and place thin sticks, newspaper or fire starters on top.

3. Set fire to the fire starters, papers or thin sticks and leave the door open ever so slightly until the flames are lit and the chimney is hot .

4. Close the door and use stove as normal. Adjust the air vents as the only air should be coming from the top air vent. Ensure the hatch, ash pan and valve are closed so the only air entering the stove is from the top of the glass.

5. Keep the fire under control. This can mean adding wood. If the pane or stones begin to blacken, it is because the stove is not getting enough air.

For more details, watch this video on lighting a stove.

How to light a stove


Clean the glass

You can use any window glass cleaner if the glass on your stove is dirty. There may be soot on the glass if the wood you use isn’t dry. Apply and leave for a few minutes. Wash off the surface with hot water.

Stoves with surface-treated heat-resistant varnishes
You can wipe the stove with a damp cloth.

Empty the ash pan

Use handles to empty the ash tray. Leave a fine layer of ash at the bottom to the combustion chamber for insulation.

Leave the door open when not in use

This should ensure sufficient ventilation and prevents the stove from smelling.

Use Dry Firewood

Use clean, dry wood so there will be no soot on the glass. This should also help the stove to burn more effectively.

Sweep the chimney

This should reduce the chances of having lighting problems. This happens when the stove is cold or smoke seeps up into the room.

How to light and maintain a wood burning stove


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