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Get your home back to school ready!



FP McCann Homes Get your House Back to School ready Featured image

Get Your Home Back to School Ready!

The dreaded words ‘Back to school’. The back to school period is almost as hectic as Christmas for any parent! Things can seem overwhelming when it comes to keeping track of lunches, uniforms, forms and extra curricular activities. Making your house organised in a way that can allow your children to grow towards  independence makes getting ready in the morning that little bit easier. However, this ‘how to get your house back to school ready’ guide will hopefully make it easier for you and your family to get the school year off to a good start.


Having a designated space for the kids to set their schoolbags down works wonders in keeping your house neat and tidy. Ensuring sports equipment and books are kept in their correct spaces can also help you stay organised. No more running around looking for them! Often kids respond well to this kind of structure and it can create positive habits for them for the future.


Having a room or space for the kids to do their homework and revision means that they don’t take over the dining room table! A desk or shared area is great for the kids to become more independently organised. Make studying time simple by stocking up on pencils, rulers, markers, glue and scissors.

orangised desk


Tossing worn-out clothes, and donating the ones that no longer fit leaves room for the new uniforms. A tidy wardrobe eases the morning rush of getting the kids ready for school too! Having a cleared cloakroom means that the kids can hang their coats and shoes up. Clear out all the markers and glue that don’t work before you go stationery shopping to help you figure out what you really need.


Everyone knows the first step to being organised is to buy a calendar! This is a great idea to help your future self. Knowing when the kids are in and out of the house means you can plan ahead for dinners and cleaning, whilst keeping everyone on track. You can colour code for different events or family members to keep on top of the all the hectic schedules. To do lists are another good way to keep track of day to day agendas within the home.


If your kids bring a packed lunch to school, it is easier to do ‘meal prep’ and organise the snacks a night or two before. This way you can ensure they’re eating some healthy options as opposed to just junk food! It’s a good idea to start a snack drawer for healthy after school snacks when the kids are doing homework. That way you can keep track of the food they’re eating and you know when to top up too. Washing uniforms during the week helps ease the Sunday evening and Monday morning panic.